Children Welfare Association Fund - Kenya

Children Welfare Association Fund Kenya ( CWAF-K) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization established and registered in Kenya.

Kenya is among African leading nations  situated in Eastern part of Africa. It has  a population of about forty million people. Out of the total population, about 70% are in the category of youth and Children.

According to recent government statistics Kenya has well over 2.2 million orphans and vulnerable children as a result of socio-economic and political instability, famine, civil wars in the neighborhood, poverty and diseases e.g. HIV/AIDS   epidemics etc. This has impacted negatively on the well being of children in the society.

Since its inception in the year 2000 CWAF has been involved in various charitable activities mostly concerning children.

VISION: To become a leading welfare and social organization supporting and championing the comfort and rights of orphan, vulnerable   and less fortunate children in the society.

MISSION: To provide   access, quality, quantitative support and comfort to orphan and other vulnerable children so that they feel as part and parcel of the society without discrimination. To achieve its mission,  the organization will collaborate, partner and network with well-wishers and other  organizations and institutions involved with the welfare and social activities of the under privileged children.

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